Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, any battery configuration or battery chemistry can be used as long as the maximum voltage of the system is not exceeded.

Maximum performance will be achieved by using ACEL batteries, speak to your ACEL dealer for up-to-date information.

ACEL power is currently delivering 50,60 and 75 horsepower ( equivalent) systems. Higher power (much higher!) It will be available in 2023

Our electric outboards can be purchased with or without a battery pack. please refer to our website for current pricing and options.

The current global supply issue makes this difficult to answer.

As long as your pre-order remains in place your place in our production schedule is guaranteed, You will receive regular notifications.

The answer varies, depending on motor power, battery capacity, average speeds and other factors such as wind and currents.

Your ACEL dealer can work with you to suggest a complete system that will meet your requirements.